S.773 Cybersecurity Act -quick summary.

Written by SoVaSec on June 12th, 2009

The 2009 Cybersecurity act as proposed by Jay Rockefeller, is little more then a business plan.  It is designed to sell products and services, yet is narcotic enough to seem benign to bankers. The Act is prefaced with the promise of defending global trade and commerce, though it sets unrealistic goals for international compliance with new standards.  What we really have is an attempt by the intelligence community to monopolize on the information industry by way of their private partnerships.  In effort to maintain this advantage, mandatory licensees will be required to practice cybersecurity or to operate critical infrastructure.  The President and the CyberCzar will have total power to decide what is critical infrastructure. The point here is that while the Internet might not seem like critical infrastructure, there are many agencies that rely on it, and the operations centers which maintain these sections of the net might be required by law that their employees are federally certified.  In order to ensure there are plenty of willing federal employees, the Act would create a national cyber challange, where the best and brightest from high school and on up would have the opportunity to compete for cash prizes, and that elusive government job.  While those lucky winners are being used up, the bill proposes cyberawareness education starting in kindergarten.  They even have plans for a smokey bear type campaign to really get the youngsters interested.  Summer programs and internships will pave the way for even the youngest of students to do their part in the battle against cyberterrorists.


The Government has the right to refuse your internet service at anytime, for any reason.


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